how to report a death to social security

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Free Death Records Search Tips - How to Access Free Social Security Death Records

Searching vital records, such as births and marriages, are pretty darned easy nowadays thanks to the Internet. Public records have become freely searchable, including Social Security death records. Although there are a few places where you will have to pay to download public death records, there are also a fair share of free resources available.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is the largest public death records database available online and can be found at This database, which is sponsored and offered free by, draws its data from the Social Security Death Master File as compiled by the U.S. Social Security Administration. This Death Master File contains over 65 million records. However, it is not a complete listing of deaths in the United States as not all deaths have been reported to the Social Security Administration, particularly those deaths prior to the creation of the Social Security Administration in 1935 and those that are very recent.

Why would anyone want to search death records? Often death records are searched as part of genealogical research. Whenever available, results in the death index reveal the birth and death dates, as well as the city reported as being the last known address of the person, aiding people in building their family trees and tracking down more data about family members.

In addition, the deceased's social security number is listed, if available. This is of enormous value to insurance companies, credit companies, Homeland Security and the like. If someone is dead, they obviously should not be using their social security number anymore! So, since the social security number is one of the searchable fields on the database, inputting a SSN from a new employee and having a record appear means that your new employee may very well not be who they say they are...and it is time for you to make some decisions, particularly as it is now illegal to knowingly hire illegal aliens.

While preventing fraud is one use, stopping payments such as pension payments might not be the first thing a bereaved family thinks of doing. Regularly checking of the Social Security Death Master File, which is updated on a weekly basis, by appropriate agencies and organizations allows such payments to be stopped appropriately, saving taxpayer money.

As you can see, accessing Social Security death records is now easy and free. If you need more than just a confirmation of death, the date of death or other basic information, you may need to order a copy of a death record or death certificate. There is an entirely different process. To do this, you will either need to contact the county records department where the individual died or you will need to obtain the services of an online death records provider.

Need to conduct a free death records search? Get step-by-step directions for how to order death records in all 50 states by visiting the public death records directory today at

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Remember back when it was next to impossible to find information about how to report a death to social security? Well now, thanks to the internet, it is relatively easy. Much can be learned by simply plugging "how to report a death to social security" into the search engines and then reading and following the links on the resulting pages.